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Cost effective

Landscaping Pro Guys offers landscaping services at affordable prices. The criteria used in setting prices mostly depends on the material used, the size of the space that needs landscaping and customer specifications.Landscaping Pro Guys ensures customers get value for their money since we engage the services of different landscaping professionals such as urban designers, site planners, storm water managers,green infrastructure planners and landscape architectures.Landscaping Pro Guys puts into consideration the following aspects; botany, fine arts,geology,ecology and environmental psychology.


Specialization and differentiation

Landscaping Pro Guys does landscaping of different scopes ranging from public parks,parkways,building landscaping and small homes landscaping. Our services are unique and quality since we always put the customer’sspecifications as priority and we are always leading in innovation and use of the best landscaping materials and machinery. We also offer advice to clients on the best landscaping that would be appropriate for their building,parks,lands and any other landscaping questions.Landscaping Pro Guys has landscape managers and architects who offer advice on short-term and long-termcare, development and improvement if the landscapes done. We are also unique in that we also involve skills of other specialists such as soil science experts, hydrology and geomorphology specialists.


Custom Landscaping

Landscaping Pro Guys has a department set aside for custom landscaping with well-designed conference rooms where customers give specifications of how they want their landscaping done. Our specialists puts the specifications in drawings or photos and then gives the quotation for the cost of implementing such customized landscape designs. The architects give the customers give the customers the final design of the landscape design to get the greenlight to proceed with the landscaping after the landscaping payment deposit is done. Landscaping Pro Guys always ensure we produce the best results for our customers and through these we have built long lasting relationships with our co the level clientele base they always recommend other customers to us.

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Landscaping Pro Guys combines landscape gardening. Traditional landscape and emerging planning and landscape designs to give our end thing a unique and attractive focus. We also offer the following services to our customers;

Specific Site Landscape Design

Landscaping Pro Guys assists with the formulation of a landscape concept plan for a specific target site depending on the client’s needs and specifications. The process includes taking measurements, development of construction drawings, planting plans and preparation of presentation drawings with artistic impressions for display

Contract Documentation and Supervision

Our architects also offer help in reviewing and quoting tenders from landscape contractors and acting as agents or project managers for our clients.

Landscape Assessment

Landscaping Pro Guys architects and our other landscaping specialists also engage in landscaping assessments giving the effects, advantages and disadvantages of a proposed landscape on a certain site and location. This is mainly done to ensure the landscaping project is viable and of more positive effects to the society.


Our services are also hired by large institutions such as universities,colleges,real estate companies and government to undertake research and findings into proposed landscaping designs and give recommendations where necessary

Landscape Planning and Management

Landscaping Pro Guys also engages in mapping out potential and viable landscape change scenarios which would be prompted by population growth, change in climate and weather patterns and infrastructural development.

Customers can contact us on 888-202-2074 for quotation and answers questions pertaining landscaping.

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